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Underpinning a traditional Northamptonshire property

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Underpinning an Old Stone House built circa 1750.
Mark S

Project description

Underpinning the foundations of an old stone property

Underpinning Stone House

Project Brief

  • To underpin the foundations to a stone property which had been undermined by recent alterations to a neighbouring property.
  • Work was to be carried out in strict accordance to a party wall agreement and in conjuction with two surveyors.

The Process

  • The first job was lift and set aside the natural stone paving which was to be reinstated at the end of the job.
  • Then we went about digging and concreting the pins in sequence as detailed in the structural engineers design.
  • Each pin had to be dug and concreted individually and dry packed with 75mm of sand and cement before the next pin could be dug.
  • Once All the pin were complete we laid natural stone slab on edge in front of the new exposed concrete foundation.
  • We then relaid and pointed the paving to complete the job.

The Result

  • The home owner and neighbour were happy that the job was completed with minimal disturbance to either party and in accordance with a prior agreement.
  • The home owner was especially pleased that the job was finally complete after a long search for the right contractor to undertake this particular job.

Project Testimonial

Underpinning Stone House

ATJ undertook an underpinning assignment for me on a traditional Northamptonshire property built circa 1750.

Working to stringent legal access restrictions. The work was completed on time/budget and with agreed minimal interruption to the adjoining property.

I would have no hesitation in recommending ATJ Building & Groundworks. Quality professional work, an increasing rarity these days.

Mark S

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