Block Paving

Block Paving

Block paving is undoubtedly the most popular option for any hard surfaced area, it is used right across the board from domestic patios to highways and foot paths. Unlike concrete and Tarmac it can be uplifted relayed without leaving unsightly marks, this is one reason for it popularity another is the huge range and variety of colour, shape's and material available on the market today. There is literally a paver to suit almost any budget. A good designed and installed driveway or patio adds a huge amounts of curb appeal to your house as well as being a hard wearing low maintence investment to you property.


The most important aspects of any paving project are the Drainage and Durability. The main reason to install any type of paving is to create a clean, safe, suitably sound surface for all weather conditions. One of our main priorities's when designing and installing any block paving is that water is channelled and disposed of correctly. If Water is not channelled, collected and disposed of properly it will cause many kinds of problem.
Paved areas without the correct gradient or falls will collect water on its surface small puddles may form and in turn become icy or encourage moss and vegetation to grow which will also become slippery. On the other hand water which has been collected or channelled and not disposed of correctly could cause surrounding lawns and beds to become boggy or flood, hard surfaced areas will also be affected in the ways mentioned previous.

Clay or Concrete pavers

Gated Entrance in Clay SetsConcrete Pavers Laid to Large Drive wayThe main differences you need to be aware of when choosing between the two products are colour and cost. Colour in concrete products is achieved with concrete dyes; these colours are not as deep and rich as the natural colour in clay products. Concrete pavers will fade in time where as clay pavers will not because the colour is completely natural. The cheaper concrete pavers will not weather as well as the more expensive clay paver. Most manufactures will offer a wide range of products from a standard concrete paver to clay sets. Another point to mention is concrete products are easier to manufacture to a smaller tolerance than clay products due to the firing process this can increase the labour cost when laying clay pavers.


Common Paver ColoursCharcoal & Brindel Block Paved DrivewayAs mentioned previously there is a huge variety of colours, shades and tones available and each manufacturer will over their own varyations on these, some colours are only available with clay products and vice versa. The key to choosing the right colour is find one that complements surrounding buildings, walls, paving or even road colours rather than an exact match or stark contrast.
There are two types of colour pavers, monotone and multicolour. Monotone blocks have of one consistent flat colour thought the paver for example "Red". Where as multi colour blocks will have 2 or more colours in varying amounts for example "Brindel". Multi colour blocks hide blemishes on pavers such as oil and tyre marks much better than monotone pavers where your eye will be instantly drawn to it blemish on one consistent flat colour. We tend to use monotone pavers for detailing and multicolour pavers for the body.

The above left image is a driveway which has a boarder of Charcoal "soldiers" with a Brindle "Infill" which is possibly the most common combination. Above right shows some of the most common block paver colours available.

Patterns & Detailing

Block Paving Infill PatternsThere a only a few "infill " Patterns that block pavers can be laid to, however if your looking for something extra special or just want to add that little bit off flare to your drive or patio there are lots of ways we can do this. We can use contrasting paver colours, slabs, cobbles etc to create shapes within the body of the paving, a more detailed boarder or even just your house number.


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